Watermelon-Mint Shrub

Watermelon-Mint Shrub: Improve your digestion with this tasty drink!

This watermelon-mint shrub is so refreshing and good for your body!! There are so many benefits to consuming raw apple cider vinegar, but if you have tried having a tablespoon of raw ACV in some water in the morning or before meals to encourage good digestion, balance your blood sugar, and help regulate your weight, you know that it isn’t the tastiest drink in the world. Continue reading “Watermelon-Mint Shrub: Improve your digestion with this tasty drink!”

"Mojito" natural soda

Mojito Natural Soda: A Refreshing Way to Get Probiotics!

This Mojito Natural Soda is a refreshing blend of mint and lime, as you may have already guessed. There is no alcohol in it, but if you add rum, you have a tasty mojito-like drink with probiotics and no sugar! See my post on How to Brew Water Kefir (plus the benefits of drinking it) if you have never made it yourself.  Continue reading “Mojito Natural Soda: A Refreshing Way to Get Probiotics!”

Blueberry Raspberry Shrub

Blueberry-Raspberry Shrub (aka drinking vinegar)

I’m sure you have seen all the posts about the 101 uses for raw apple cider vinegar (ACV). Maybe those articles have even convinced you to try adding ACV to your routine. After a few mornings of choking down some vinegar and water before your breakfast, maybe you gave up. Well, this tasty blueberry-raspberry shrub is a more pleasurable way to get that ACV into your routine! If you aren’t familiar with why you would want to drink apple cider vinegar, let me elaborate. Continue reading “Blueberry-Raspberry Shrub (aka drinking vinegar)”

Kombucha Champagne Cocktails #kombucha #reclaimingvitality

Kombucha-Champagne Cocktail: Imbibe while avoiding a hangover

I love to bring in the new year with a glass or two (okay, maybe three) of bubbly. This year is no exception, but my champagne glass this year will also contain Kombucha in the form of this Kombucha-Champagne Cocktail. Not only is kombucha delicious, but it serves two important purposes. First, it cuts down on the amount of champagne I will drink without adding sugar. I am aiming to start the year off Continue reading “Kombucha-Champagne Cocktail: Imbibe while avoiding a hangover”

Orangeade: Natural Water Kefir Soda

Orangeade Water Kefir Soda: A Delicious, Nutritious Natural Soda

Try making this delicious Orangeade Water Kefir Soda. It takes only a few minutes to make and you and your children will love the flavor! It’s also full of probiotics, vitamins, and minerals, and is low in sugar. If you want to know all about the benefits of water kefir and how to brew it, go here.  Continue reading “Orangeade Water Kefir Soda: A Delicious, Nutritious Natural Soda”

Benefits of drinking Kombucha

Kombucha: Health Benefits and Doing a Continuous Brew

My first exposure to Kombucha was about four years ago. A neighbor had gotten a scoby (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast also known as a “mother”) from a cafe owner up the street from us. She fell in love with it and wanted to share, so she brought me a scoby complete with a fermenting jar and hand-written instructions on how to brew it. So awesome! I’m sad to say, that the scoby gave me the creeps. I had never heard about Kombucha, so I didn’t know all the amazing health benefits contained in that weird mushroom-looking thing floating on top of the tea. Continue reading “Kombucha: Health Benefits and Doing a Continuous Brew”

How to Make Milk Kefir #milkkefir #traditionalfoods #probiotics #microbiome #guthealth #reclaimingvitality

Milk Kefir: The Benefits of Adding it to your Diet

Milk kefir is a staple in our household. It actually has more probiotics than yogurt (even homemade yogurt). It contains beneficial enzymes and yeasts that help with digestion and immunity. Milk kefir is full of healthy fats and bio-available nutrients that your body needs! It has antibacterial properties, can improve bone health, and even lessen allergy symptoms!  Continue reading “Milk Kefir: The Benefits of Adding it to your Diet”

Kraut Juice Fermenting

Kraut Juice: A Probiotic-filled Beverage.

What is Kraut juice?

Kraut juice is probably the cheapest and most probiotic-packed beverage that you can make for yourself at home. It only takes a few minutes, and it is a great way to get started making fermented foods. We drink this regularly at our house and we also give it away any time our friends or neighbors have tummy bugs. The probiotics help tip the balance in favor of the “good guys” in your belly. It isn’t always easy to eat when you are sick, but it is important to stay hydrated. Just sip on it throughout the day until you start to feel better. It works great! Continue reading “Kraut Juice: A Probiotic-filled Beverage.”