Learn how to utilize Homeopathy for burns. You can address wound pain, help burns heal faster, and reduce scarring with Homeopathy!

This is the 10th post in the Summertime Remedy Series. In it, we have covered many of the common ailments that crop up during our summer adventures, such as Head Injuries and Motion Sickness. If you are new to Homeopathy, check out my post, “Homeopathy: What it is and How it Changed my Life.”

Because summer adventures often include sitting out by a campfire, setting off fireworks, or BBQing, I thought we should add burns to our Summertime Remedy Series.

Homeopathy for Minor Burns

If you get a minor burn, you can alternate the remedy Cantharis 200c with Arsenicum album 200c. How often you alternate will depend on how bad your symptoms are. Essentially, if the pain comes back, take another dose of whichever remedy you are due to take next.

Avoid putting creams and lotion on your burn as this can trap in the heat! Also avoid icing the burn as this can damage the tender skin. You can run it under lukewarm water if needed.

Homeopathy for Severe Burns

For severe burns, you will want to head to the hospital, of course. On the way there, and throughout your treatment though, you can alternate Cantharis in a 1M or 10M with Arsenicum album in a 1M or 10M. (The 10M potencies you would need to get from your Homeopath). Alternate as above, repeating the dose of the next remedy when the pain comes back. If you accept pain medicines from the hospital, this will throw off the ability to listen to that symptom and use it as a cue.

Homeopathy for an Infected Burn

If your wound begins to show signs of infection (pus forming is a good indicator), begin to alternate Hepar sulph 200c (the homeopathic “antibiotic”) with Arsenicum album 200c. Take this 3-4 times per day. At this point, you can stop the Cantharis if you were taking it.

Cell Salts for Burns

Utilizing cell salts (the basic building blocks of the body) while healing is an excellent strategy. Add these in addition to the above protocols. These can be taken internally or applied topically.

  • Kali mur 6x: Apply topically to help with blistering from a burn.
  • Ferrum phs 6x: Also helps when applied topically to control blistering in a burn.

Other Homeopathic Remedies for Burns

It is best to have your remedies on hand for an acute situation such as a burn! But, if you don’t have the above remedies, use what you have. Here is a list of other well-known and effective homeopathic remedies for burns.

  • Aconitum 30c
  • Causticum 30c or 200c
  • Hypericum 30c or 200c
  • Glanoinum 30c

Scarring from an Old Burn

If you have a scar from an old burn, the remedy Thiosiniminum is great for all types of scar tissue. A 6c is generally the potency used and it takes many months for the body to break down the scar tissue. The sooner you use it, the better the results will be.


Have you used Homeopathy for burns? I’d love to hear about it!

Homeopathy for Burns Remedy Card

Homeopathy for Burns Remedy Card