Learn how using Homeopathy for plant stings and rashes can alleviate symptoms and speed healing! This is the 9th post in the Summertime Remedy Series. If you are new to Homeopathy, read my post, “Homeopathy: What it is and How it Changed my Life“.

Since adventuring in nature is a big part of summertime fun, knowing what to do when a plant “attacks” you is a must!

Homeopathy for Poising Ivy:

We actually do not have Poison Ivy out here in the PNW, but my husband is from New York and he has told me all about it! If you are unlucky enough to come into contact with this plant and acquire a rash, the most common remedy to reach for is Anacardium orientale 30c. Some Homeopathy kits will have this and some won’t, so if you life in an area where this is a risk, I would buy a tube of Anacardium 30c to have on hand!

Anacardium is indicated when there is an intensely itchy rash that feels better under extremely hot water. If you know someone whose eczema presents this way, this just may give them the relief they need!

Can you prevent Poison Ivy with Homeopathy?

The answer is yes, but you must be diligent about your remedies and plan ahead!

To prevent Poison Ivy, take Rhus tox 200c once a week for 2 months. Then, take it once every two weeks (ie: twice a month) throughout the Poison Ivy Season. Rhus tox is made from Poison Ivy and is therefore useful for other blistery ailments like herpes.

Homeopathy for Poising Oak:

The most common remedy for Poison Oak is actually the same as Poison Ivy: Anacardium 30c.

Homeopathy for Nettle Stings:

This is what we have in abundance out here in the PNW! I had countless nettle stings as a child. I even get a fair amount now hiking as an adult. Honestly,  for most people, if you can just control the urge to itch, they go away quite easily on their own. There are people who are more sensitive to nettle stings, however. For those people, they should carry either Histiminum 30c or Urtica Urens 30c (which is actually made from Stinging Nettle, so is not technically Homeopathy but Isopathy.)

Homeopathy for Scrapes from Brambles and Devils Club:

If you get scraped up from sticker buses or the dreaded Devil’s Club, the most important step, of course, is to make sure you clean your scrapes well. For this, I like to use a diluted calendula tincture. A 1 in 20 dilution works great because it cleans wounds, but doesn’t sting. Make a 1:20 dilution by mixing one teaspoon of calendula tincture with 9 teaspoons of boiled or purified water. Rinse the wounds or gently dab with a cotton pad soaked in the solution.

Next, Hypericum 200 is great for preventing infection. Taking it twice per day while healing should be sufficient.

Using Calendula 30c can also speed the healing of cuts and abrasions. A 30c or 200c will work beautifully. Take it twice a day while healing.

Have you used Homeopathy when “attacked” by plants? I’d love to hear about it!

Homeopathy for Plant Stings and Rashes