Learn how to use Homeopathy for a Head Injury. This is the fourth post in the summertime remedy series. We are covering acute care for common summertime ailments. If you are new to Homeopathy, read my post, “Homeopathy: What it is and How it changed my Life.”


Head injuries can happen any time of the year, but summertime adventures and sports can make us more prone to them. Addressing a head injury immediately with homeopathy can help avert long-term issues.


First, whenever someone suffers a shock, such as a head injury, car accident, or witnessing a disturbing event, give them one dose of Aconite 200c. Aconite is for fear and shock and can help the person calm down so that the situation can be accurately assessed.

Most Common Head Injury Remedy

The most common remedy we think of for a head injury is Arnica. Arnica is great for all blows and for bumps and bruises. Use whatever potency you have! It is best to keep a couple of potencies in your travel kit because if it is a severe head injury, you will want to match the severity with a higher potency.

So, if it is just a small bump on the head, a 30c or a 200c of Arnica should do. If it is more serious, you will want to dose your loved one with Arnica 1 M or 10M while on your way to seek medical care.


In addition to the Arnica, if someone has convulsions after a head injury, Cuprum metallicum 30c is the remedy to give while you are on your way to seek medical care. Again, use whatever potency you have on hand!


Never well since…

If someone has never been well since they had a head injury, Nat sulph. 10M, one dose for 3 days can work wonders. A lower potency of Nat Sulph, such as 30c, can help if someone is experiencing vertigo after a head injury


If your loved one starts to show signs of paralysis, give them Helleborus 30c on the way to seek medical care.


Hopefully, you make it through your summer without having anyone you know injure their head. If you don’t though, now you know what to do!


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