Learn how to use Homeopathy for bug bites and stings! This is the fifth post in the Summertime Remedy Series. If you are new to Homeopathy, read my post, “Homeopathy: What it is and How it changed my Life.”

One of the most frustrating things about the beautiful summer weather is that it brings out the biting and stinging insects. Have no fear! As usual, Homeopathy has a solution. If you are prepared, you can go about your summer adventures without trepidation.


Homeopathy for Mosquito Bite Prevention:

If you know you are going to be somewhere with mosquitos and other biting bugs, taking Staphysagria 200c before exposure can help prevent bug bites. I recommend taking it with you when hiking or camping or another buggy outdoor adventure.

Homeopathy for Bug Bites

Ledum 30 c or 200c is the most common remedy for addressing insect bites and stings. How frequently you take it will depend on how much the bites are bothering you. If the bites cause hives or welts, you can use Urtica Urens 30c.

Homeopathy for Bee Stings

Apis 6c or 200c is actually made from the honeybee and is perfect for addressing a bee sting!  Histiminum 30c is another option.

Homeopathy for excessively itchy Bug Bites

Arsenicum album 30c is great for really itchy bites! If you are having a hard time sleeping because of the itchess though, go for Coffea 30c.

Homeopathy for tick bites

Ledum 30c or 200c is again the remdy of choice here, however, you want to be watchful of sign of Lyme. Keep the tick!! If your loved one starts developing symptoms, your homeopath can make a remedy out of the tick! Instead of like-cures-like, which is Homeopathy, this is Isopathy or “same-cures-same”.

Homeopathy for insect-born illnesses

Thankfully, Homeopathy has an amazing track record in epidemics, whether caused by fleas, mosquitos, or sand-flies. I could write a whole post about this, but I just thought I would give you a bit of peace of mind by mentioning it here.


What methods have you used for preventing and treating bug bites? What about bee stings? Let me know if you try the Staphysagria for prevention and how it goes!


Homeopathy for Bug Bites and Stings