Last week we covered Homeopathy for Sore Throats. This week we will continue the theme and cover Homeopathy for coughs. I briefly touched on coughs in the post, Stop and Cold Before it Starts, but here we will go in depth.

Many an illness during the sickness seasons comes with a cough. Sometimes the cough is painful, sometimes it is disruptive to your sleep and therefore to your healing. Often, it comes at the end of an acute illness and for some people, it can drag on. They may feel well enough to go back to school or work, but they don’t want to be coughing and disrupting the class or the work meeting.

Why not Reach for an OTC Cough Suppressant?

The first indication why reaching for an over the counter cough suppressant isn’t the best idea is in the name: suppressant. Anything that stops the natural processes of the body can drive disfunction deeper into a body (into another organ), prolong an illness, and/or make the issue worse in the long run.

There are numerous examples of this in medicine, but let me give you an example for each.

  1. Eczema treated with steroids leading to asthma. This is called the “atopic march.” Yes, the eczema is gone, but unfortunately we have traded it for a much more serious illness.
  2. Stopping a fever from burning out bacteria or a virus can end up prolonging an illness.
  3. Treating constipation with laxatives can cause rebound constipation that is worse than before. The colon can become dependent on the laxatives as the body has “forgotten” how to initiate peristalsis (the motion that triggers the release of stool.)

So, as you can see, suppression has the potential to be dangerous. Fortunately, Homeopathy does not suppress. It gives the body the message to come back into balance on its own. We do not unnecessarily halt any beneficial body processes when we give homeopathic remedies.

Speaking of beneficial body processes, what is the body doing when we have a cough? Since we know our body is always trying to protect us, why are we coughing is a good question to ask.

What is the Purpose of a Cough?

A cough helps clear your airways of irritants, thereby preventing infection. Once you have an infection, it is a way for the body to clear out mucus and keep the chest and lungs clear.

Homeopathy for Coughs

I am listing the type of cough first and then the best remedy (or remedies for that cough) for easy reference.

I’m overwhelmed by all the choices! What if I choose the wrong one?

Don’t worry! There are plenty of combination cough remedies out there that cover multiple types of coughs. Have one of these on hand before the illness strikes because you don’t want to suffer for two days while you are waiting for it to get delivered.


Homeopathy for Coughs