In this post, we will discuss how to use Homeopathy for post-viral fatigue. If you have been following my “sickness season” series, then you already know how to try to stave off the virus in the first place, address any fevers safely, treat your sore throat, cough, and any GI distress caused by a virus. Sometimes though, a virus can wipe out our body’s energy reserves. This is what we will focus on today.

As you already know, Homeopathy can help you avoid getting sick and/or lessen the severity of your symptoms. But what do you do if most of your symptoms resolve but you are left with fatigue? The following remedies will help your recover your energy and vibrancy after an illness (whether it is viral or bacterial.)

Homeopathy for Viral Fatigue

  • Gelsemium is my favorite remedy for fatigue when sick. It also helps to shake the lingering fatigue after you have recovered. A 30c works well.
  • China (also called Chinchona) is the remedy we think of when the fatigue is related to a loss of fluids. if you had an illness with a fever where you sweated out a lot of fluids, or you had diarrhea or vomited, and you now are left with fatigue, this is the remedy to think of. It works wonderfully in a 200c.
  • Sulphur is the remedy for when a sickness lingers. It doesn’t have to be fatigue, but fatigue can be a part of the picture. for this remedy, the symptoms have gotten quite a bit better, but you just can’t shake the last of them and get back to your old self. A 30c is a great choice here.
  • Aurum metallicum 200c is used when the fatigue comes with depression. Often a viral illness (or bacterial), can wreak havoc on the gut. Since the majority of our neurotransmitters are produced in the gut, it stands to reason that sometimes depression and anxiety develop as a result.
  • Kali mur 3x or 6x and Ferrum phos 3x or 6x are two cell salts that help your body recover from fatigue. You can use these two remedies alongside one of the ones above if you like. Cell salts are made of the building blocks of the body. Therefore, they are helpful to rebuild the nutritional status of the body. Illness often depletes the body of nutrients.

How to Dose Homeopathy for Post-Viral Fatigue

As you have learned throughout the series, if the situation is more intense, you will take the remedy more often. If the situation is mild, you will only take the remedy once or twice per day. The most important things to remember are:

  • When you feel better, you don’t need the remedy anymore.
  • If you have seen absolutely NO improvement after 4 doses of a remedy, you have chosen incorrectly. Time to go back to the drawing board.
  • Sometimes you have to take a remedy frequently at first. Once every 15 minutes for the first hour is a good way to dose acute situations such as the start of a sore throat, a stomach bug, food poisoning, etc.

Have you experience post-viral fatigue? What did you do to get rid of it? Have you tried Homeopathy? I’d love to know!