How to use Homeopathy for Smoke Inhalation is a timely topic since this summer has seen its share of big fires and smoke. In the PNW, were lucky until Thursday when the smoke from the Eastern Washington fires started rolling in. This post is the 12th post in the Summertime Remedy Series. We have covered other ailments from the summer heat such as Heat Exhaustion and Sunburn.

We will cover how to address smoke inhalation in general, as well as how to address the individual symptoms that have arisen because of smoke inhalation.

Homeopathy for Smoke Inhalation in General

Arnica 30c:

The Banerji Protocol for Smoke Inhalation calls for Arnica 30c to help with the stress on the whole body due to smoke inhalation.

Arsenicum album 200c:

If fires are burning homes and buildings, there is toxic smoke in the air. Arsenicum album 200c is a great remedy when exposed to toxins! Often the person who would benefit from Arsenicum has anxiety, breathlessness, and feels weak. They may be thirsty and/or nauseous. If there is gastric burning, Arsenicum is an excellent choice. Take it at least twice per day.

Professional Formulas Smoke Mix:

This is a mix made from the Homeopathic Pharmacy, Professional Formulas. It is helpful both for helping the body to process the smoke, as well as helping with the symptoms related to smoke inhalation.  When the smoke rolls in, I start giving this to my family 2-3 times per day.


Homeopathy for Smoke Inhalation: Individual Symptoms

You can use these remedies simultaneously if you have more than one of these symptoms. Remember to take them only as needed. If you symptoms go away, you don’t need to take the remedy again until they come back.


  • For a gagging cough, choose Ipecac 30c.
  • If it is a dry cough, choose Bryonia 30c. Take as often as needed.

Post nasal drip:

My favorite remedy for post-nasal drip is Hydrastis in a  30c or 200c.

Dry, Raw/Rough throat:

There are many sore throat remedies, and as always in Homeopathy, we use the specific symptoms to guide us. However, when it is a result of breathing in smoke, I like to use Aconite 30. You may remember from previous posts that Aconitum napellus is the remedy we use for shock and it is also for ailments that come on suddenly.

Dry, burning eyes:

Argentum nitricum 200c. This remedy is featured in many of the Banerji Protocols for eye ailments! Also, Euphrasia 30c is good for dry and burning eyes that are bloodshot.

Watery eyes:

If the eyes are wet, burning, and streaming, choose Euphrasia 30c. Take as often as needed.

Air “hunger:”

If you are trying to take deep breaths, but it just doesn’t feel like enough, Carbo vegetablis is an excellent remedy choice. Use a 30c or 200c if it is not too disconcerting. If it is serious, and/or the person has collapsed, use Carbo veg in a 1M.


Sanguinaria 200c is a great remedy for sneezing fits and/or when the nose is blocked.


There are numerous homeopathic remedies for headaches! The best way to find the one you need is to be able to describe the location and type of pain (ie: behind the right eye and throbbing). Also helpful is knowing what makes it better or worse, what time of day the pain typically occurs, etc. Sanguinaria 200c or Kali bichromium are good choices for this type of headache.

In this instance, the headache could be sinus related if the mucus membranes of the eyes nose and mouth are affected. However, it could be an overburdened liver causing headache symptoms. In that case, the remedies Cheledonium in a 6x or 6c or Nux vomica in a 200c are good choices. (Nux vomica 200c is also a good choice for a hangover for the same reason!)

If you are extremely sensitive to air quality:

If you are extremely sensitive to changes in air quality, chemicals, and/or have hay fever, seeking out help from a homeopath can help you get your immune system back in balance.

What would your life be like if you weren’t chained to these chronic symptoms?


Have you used Homeopathy for Smoke Inhalation ailments? I’d love to hear about it!