This week, we are going to learn how to use Homeopathy for the flu (and flu-like illnesses).

Preventing the flu (and flu-like illnesses)

  1. Having a balanced immune system is the most important factor in avoiding contagious illnesses. If you have one or more of the following signs, you should work toward getting your immune system back in balance. Homeopathy is amazing for this, so find yourself an excellent Homeopath.
    • Getting sick more often than those around you
    • Having food or environmental sensitively
    • An autoimmune disease
    • Excessive fatigue
    • Digestive issues
    • Slow healing wounds
  2. Nutrient deficiencies can make you susceptible to getting sick. To correct nutrient deficiencies:
    • Eat whole foods
    • Focus on nutrient density
    • Make sure you are digesting properly
    • If you need help knowing how to go about this, find yourself an excellent Holistic Nutritionist.
  3. Sleep! When you are burning the candle at both ends, your body doesn’t have the resources to fight off illness as well. Make sure you are making quality sleep a priority. If you need help with this, both Homeopathy and Nutrition can address sleep issues.  Find a practitioner who utilizes both.

What to do When You Feel Sickness Coming on

  1. When you feel a sickness coming on, the first thing to do is, of course, rest! Don’t push your body if you can avoid it.
  2. Next, to do is take Aconite 200c mixed with Bryonia 200c. I write all about how to stop a cold or flu before it starts  in this post if you’d like a more thorough explanation.
  3. It is always a good idea to make sure you are hydrated as well.
  4. You can also start the remedy Oscilococcinum if you know it is the flu. How would you know you are coming down with the flu? If someone you live with or work closely with just had it, you are probably coming down with the flu. Also, a good indicator is that the flu starts quickly whereas a cold generally starts slowly.

Addressing the symptoms of the flu (or flu-like illness) with Homeopathy

In Homeopathy, we use the symptoms as our guide to helping the body heal itself. We do not suppress symptoms, but we help the body to recover faster, which alleviates the symptoms. I wrote about how suppressing illness causes chronic disease, if you are curious to know more.

Using Homeopathy for Common Flu Symptoms

Most 100 remedy Homeopathy kits will have most of these remedies in a 30x or a 200c.

Use whichever potency you have.

In the posts coming up in the next few week, I will elaborate on each of these symptoms and the remedies that go with them. For now, I just want to make sure you know what to have on hand.

  • Fever: Aconite, Belladonna, Chamomile, Ferrum phos
  • Chills: Aconite, Arsenicum, Aconite, China,
  • Body Aches: Eupatorium perf, Bryonia
  • Fatigue: Gelsemium, China
  • Congestion and runny nose: Sanguinaria, Allium cepa, Arsenicum album, Gelsemium, Nat mur, Pulsatilla
  • Sinus Headache: Sanguinaria, Kali bichromium, Belladonna, Bryonia
  • Coughs: The most commonly needed cough remedies during the flu are Ipecac, Gelsemium, Ant tart, Spongia, Rumex
  • Sore throat: Hepar sulph, Merc sol, Silica, Phytolacca

How to Dose Homeopathy for the Flu (and flu-like illnesses)

An acute issue is something that is generally short lived and will usually resolve on its own. The flu and other flu-like illness fall into this category, of course.

Our goal is to shorten the severity and the duration of the symptoms and to get the body back in balance as quickly as possible.

Keep these things in mind when dosing Homeopathy for the Flu (or flu-like illness)

  • When dosing a homeopathy remedy for an acute issue, you can give the remedies every 15 minutes at first.
  • Once symptoms are less intense, you can move to every 3 hours.
  • If the effect of the remedies wears off, then you can re-dose.
  • As the remedies begin to last longer, you can spread them out more to eventually every 12 hours, if needed.
  • Stop giving the remedies once the person has recovered.
  • Remember! If you have given four doses of a remedy and seen ABSOLUTELY NO change, then you have chosen the wrong remedy.
  • Often, the first sign of improvement is actually in the person’s mood.That counts as improvement when you are evaluating your remedy choice.


What to do When the Sickness Lingers

If you have symptoms beyond the normal length of time for the flu, a good remedy to try is Sulphur in a 30c, twice per day until you are better.

Or, if there is a specific symptoms, such as fatigue, you would likely benefit from Gelsemium 30c, twice per day until it is gone.

Sometimes you can be left with some post-nasal drip that causes throat-clearing. I love Hydrastis 30c or 200c for this.


What are your experiences with Homeopathy and the flu?