Homeopathy for Hives is the 13th and final post in our Summertime Remedy Series.

The focus for the next several posts after this will be to prepare you for the typical fall and winter illnesses. You will learn how to help prevent contagious illness with Homeopathy.

We will also cover how to address them with Homeopathy when they occur. This way, you can have those remedies on hand and ready to go in the unfortunate event that sickness strikes your family!

While hives (urticaria) are certainly not a condition confined to the summer months, many of the circumstances in which hives arise happen in the summer: contact with new foods and other substances, overdoing it, being hot and sweaty, etc.

Homeopathy for Hives

Apis 6c

Apis is a remedy that we have talked about a couple of times during this series. You read about it in the Homeopathic Combo for Swimmer’s Itch, as well as Homeopathy for Bug Bites and stings. If you remember, this remedy is made from the honeybee. It works well for conditions that are red, itchy, hot, and inflamed. It’s easy to see then why it is one of the most common remedies we use to address hives!

Urtica Urens 30c

This remedy is made from a relative of Stinging Nettle. You read about it in Homeopathy for Plant Stings and Rashes. Since we know Homeopathy works under the principle that like cures like, it makes perfect sense to use this remedy to address the itchy, red bumps called hives.

Histiminum 30c

Histamine is a neurotransmitter involved in certain inflammatory responses. Before I addressed my food sensitivities with Homeopathy, I used to get hives on my face from time to time. This was the remedy that worked the best for me. I would take it as soon as my face would start feeling hot.

In the beginning, I had to take it more often, but as time went on, just one dose would nip the hives in the bud! Now, thankfully, I don’t get hives anymore, but if I did, I wouldn’t go anywhere without this remedy!

How to dose Homeopathy for Hives (acute)

As always, we match the intensity of the condition with our remedy potency and the frequency with which we dose.

Therefore, dose about every 15 minutes during that first hour if the hives are very bothersome. If after that first dose, the hives disappear, you can stop taking the remedy. Remember: we don’t take the remedy when we don’t need it. If the hives come back, , whether in 1 hour, 2 hours, etc., that is when you take the remedy again.

Why not just take an OTC anti-histamine?

Not only do Over-the-Counter and prescription ant-histamines come with some hefty side effects, they are not curing your hives! Anytime we take a medication to merely block a pathway and stop our symptoms, we are suppressing our illness. This drives the pathology deeper into the body. See my article on Why You Should Learn to Love Your Symptoms for a more thorough expiation.

Know that by addressing your hives with Homeopathy instead of shushing your body’s warning system, can go a long way into starting your healing! Homeopathy uses the symptoms as a guide to choosing a remedy. It does not suppress the symptoms.

Can I use Homeopathy for hives that are chronic?

To address chronic hives, you will want to figure out what the underlying condition is and address it. Often, food sensitivities, or chemical sensitivities are contributing problems, but another possibility is stress! No matter what, the immune system is involved and needs to be balanced. A Homeopath can help you determine what the best remedy schedule would be for you to address your chronic hives. How long it takes to uproot any given condition depends on how long you’ve had it, lifestyle factors such as diet and stress, and accurate remedy choices.


Have you used Homeopathy to address your hives? I’d love to hear about it!