Learn how to make a Homeopathy combo for Swimmer’s itch! This is the 7th post in the Summertime Remedy Series. If you are new to Homeopathy, read, “Homeopathy: What it is and How it Changed my Life” so you can learn the basics.

Any freshwater lake can contain the parasites that cause Swimmer’s Itch. People will vary in their susceptibility, but tend to have worse reactions the more often they are exposed. Since swimming and playing in lakes is one of the best parts of summer, this post fits in nicely with our series.

Make a homeopathic combo for Swimmer’s Itch

You will notice a commonality in all of these medicines: pimples or rash, oozing clear fluid, dry skin, and itchy, itchy, itchy! Instead of trying to find which one is the perfect remedy for your loved one, just make up a combination and have it ready. I  suggest making it into a preserved, wet dose so that you always have it on hand. In this way, it will last for years, decades even!

Remedies to put in your homeopathic combo for Swimmer’s itch


This is the first remedy to think of when someone has swimmer’s itch. It is especially suited if they have rough, dry skin with red pimples or blisters. The blisters will ooze a clear but slightly thick fluid when Graphites is needed.

Nat mur

This cell salt is a water balancer. It is especially useful when the skin is dry with an itchy rash with blisters oozing clear fluid.


Remember we learned about Apis in the post for Bug Bites and Stings. Apis is made from the honey bee, so we think of it when there is any “stinging pain”. If they have a rash with stinging pain, therefore, Apis will be well indicated.

Arsenicum album

This remedy is helpful with burning pain on skin as well as itching! This remedy has so many uses though! We learned about it in the post on Food Poisoning and Pets and Fireworks.

Rhus tox

Made from poison ivy, this remedy is one to think of any time there are small blisters with redness. The keynote of Rhus tox is stiff upon first movement like a “rusty gate”, so if you have aches and pains in the morning that are better after you get moving, this would be one to take for that as well.


Although most noted for its usefulness in female hormonal complaints, Sepia can work wonders with a skin rash that has itching and tingling.

Merc sol

Merc Sol is so useful for pimple-like itchy eruptions or blisters on skin. As with many of the above remedies, itching is worse at night The blisters area red and ooze a thin, clear fluid. Merc sol has many other uses. Think of it if you have bleeding gums, a sore throat, or


The sooner you start treating your Swimmer’s Itch, the better! Rather than wait until you have Swimmer’s Itch or some other urgent complain to find your remedies, it is best to have a good Homeopathic Kit on hand.

How to dose a Homeopathic Combo for Swimmer’s Itch

For most acute situations, such as Swimmer’s Itch, you will take the remedy or combo of remedies more often at the onset, gradually spreading out the doses until it is no longer needed. What does this look like? Well, first you may take it every 15 minutes to half an hour if the itching is driving you crazy or the blisters are really stinging. Then, you can spread it out to once every 1-3 hours or so. You take a dose when you notice your symptoms bothering you and you stop dosing when your symptoms have resolved.


Have you used Homeopathy for Swimmer’s Itch before? I’d love to hear about it!


Homeopathy for Swimmer's Itch