Learn how to use Homeopathy for pets and firework! This post is number 6 of our Summertime Remedy Series. If you are new to Homeopathy and want an explanation of what it is (and isn’t), read my post, “Homeopathy: What it is and How it Changed my Life.”

Whether your pet takes her role as your guardian seriously and wants to bark all those loud bangs away, or if he is just extremely frightened by all the loud explosions, the Fourth of July can be a horrendous night for pets. What can you do to help your furry family member? Give them Homeopathic remedies to help them calm down!

Make a Homeopathic Combo for Pets and Fireworks

Below are the most commonly effective remedies for pets (and people) when it comes to fear of loud noises and noise sensitivity.  I suggest making a combo for your pet. Most of these remedies are polycrests, which means they have a wide span of symptoms that they address. As such, they will be in most Homeopathy kits. Get your kit out and find all of the ones you can from this list. Use whatever potencies you have (which are most likely 30c or 200c.)

Remedies to Include in your Homeopathic Combo for Pets and Fireworks

Note, even if you only have one or two of these, it is worth it to use them! Use what you have, and then order the others to be prepared for next year (or the next thunderstorm).


You may recognize this remedy from the “Head Injury” post. Aconite is great for fear and shock and one of its keynotes is “sudden”. Anytime any illness comes on suddenly, you can give Aconite. Anytime there is a sudden accident, you can give Aconite. I never leave the house without this remedy! It is indicated here because it is suited to those who are over-anxious and easily scared as well.


This remedy is wonderful for those sensitive to noise! Pets (or people) who are suited to this remedy are fearful of loud noises, but they may not want to be touched to be comforted.


This is another remedy for fear and sensitivity to noise. It may not be in your kit. If it isn’t, just make the combo without it. If the combo works perfectly without it, then don’t worry about it for next year.

Rescue Remedy

This is actually a combination of Flower Essences, which is not technically Homeopathy, but is similar. Whether for pets or people, Rescue Remedy can calm someone down quite quickly. It may need to be repeated often.


We often think of Gelsemium when someone has “anticipatory anxiety”, meaning that they are thinking and worrying about an event in the future. In this case, the pet is anticipating the next boom or bang and so this remedy can be well-indicated. (Keep it in your bag for the next time you have to give a presentation or go have dental surgery!)

Argentum nitricum

This is a wonderful remedy for those whose nervous system is on hyper alert!

Arsenicum album:

You may recognize this remedy from the “Food Poisoning” post. It is indeed one to have on hand for MANY reasons! Here, it shines because it is great for animals (or people) who are insecure and are afraid of being left alone. Our furry friends often don’t want to be left behind but this can be amplified on a night such as the Fourth! This is a great remedy for those who panic quickly and are anxious.

How to make a Homeopathic Pet Fireworks combo:

  1. First, take one dose of each remedy (the dose is listed on the top o your kit or on the side of your bottle) and put it into a small jar or bottle of water.
  2. After a few minutes, the pillules will dissolve.
  3. Next, put the top or lid on and shake.
  4. Put into your pets water OR use a dropper to get a few drops into your pets mouth OR rub a few drops onto your pet’s ears, or do all 3!
  5. Store the jar in the fridge for up to 24 hours.
  6. Finally, use as needed. Often, you need to dose frequently at first, and then can spread the doses out.
  7. It is best if you can get a dose or two into your pet before the fireworks happen, but if not, still give it to them during.


If you try this combo, or some variation of it based on what you have on hand, let me know how it goes! I will for sure be giving it to our pets this year. (Maybe even JoJo the hamster!)


Homeopathic Combo for Pets and Fireworks