Why make your own Tea tree oil cleaner?


There are a few reason why I chose to make my own tea tree oil cleaner. First, tea tree oil is non-toxic (unless you drink  a bunch of it undiluted). Second, I wanted to harness the amazing antibacterial and antiviral powers of tea tree essential oil and making my own allowed me to control the quality of the essential oils in my cleaners. Essential oils can break down plastic if they are stored in it, so I chose dark glass bottles. Essential oils retain their potency longer when not exposed to light. (If you are storing your cleaners in a dark cupboard, a clear glass bottle is fine.) These bottles look so pretty compared to the plastic bottles that purchased cleaners come in, and it takes only a couple of minutes to mix up a bottle! A bonus is that it is super cheap as well.

All Purpose Tea Tree oil cleaner with Lavender

Directions: Combine all ingredients and get your clean on!

This cleaner is safe to be sprayed on just about anything. I use it to clean my counters, my dining table, my stove, my cupboards, etc. You will still smell the vinegar, but it isn’t so bad since the tea tree and lavender mask it a bit.

Disinfectant with Tea Tree Oil cleaner with Lavender

Directions: Combine all ingredients. Go clean!


In our house we consider our microbiome and avoid over-cleaning. This is the “big dog” of cleaners. We mostly use it for bathrooms. We also break this out when someone in the house gets a bad “bug” and we want to try to stop the spread!

A note on tea tree oil:

It is amazing! It is great for blemishes. Apply morning and night to the area after cleansing and before putting on your moisturizer. Also, if you know anyone who is plagued by cold sores, shingles, or any other herpes virus, applying a dab of tea tree oil on the affected area a few times a day can really speed up healing. Some people are sensitive to straight tea tree oil on their skin, however, so you can either buy it diluted or dilute it yourself and put it into an easy to apply roll-on by following this tutorial.


A word of caution: If you have cats, be careful about when/where you spray your tea tree cleaners. Essential oils can build up in a cat’s system over time and cause health problems.


Have you ever made your own cleaner? What ingredients did you choose?


Tea Tree and Lavender Cleaner