Essential Oils for Cleaning

Using Essential Oils for Cleaning

I am passionate about using essential oils for cleaning, so I am so excited to have my friend and fellow blogger, Kelly, here for a guest post this week to help convince you to make the switch. Her blog, The Oily life, is a great essential oil resource with information ranging from essential oils for beauty to those for pest control and, of course, for cleaning. Today she is here to explain why you should “ditch” those chemical cleaners and “switch” to using essential oils for cleaning. She is also sharing recipes for an all-purpose cleaner, a glass spray, a tub scrub, and a wood furniture/floor polish. Thanks, Kelly! So, without further ado, here she is: Continue reading “Using Essential Oils for Cleaning”

Non-toxic Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing #non-toxicliving #naturalliving #essentialoils #reclaimingvitality

Non-toxic Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing (and Two DIYs)

You come home from work and the house smells funky. Hopefully you find the source of the offending odor, but even if you do, it might still be lingering. Why not light a scented candle? Why not spray a shot of air freshener? Why not use a plug-in room freshener? I thought you’d never ask. Let me tell you why. Continue reading “Non-toxic Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing (and Two DIYs)”

Tea Tree Cleaners (All-purpose and Disinfectant) #essentialoils #teatree #non-toxiccleaning #reclaimingvitality

Tea Tree Oil Cleaner with Lavender: Antiviral and Antibacterial

Why make your own Tea tree oil cleaner?

Tea Tree Lavender Cleaner All Purpose

There are a few reason why I chose to make my own tea tree oil cleaner. First, tea tree oil is non-toxic (unless you drink  a bunch of it undiluted). Second, I wanted to harness the amazing antibacterial and antiviral powers of tea tree essential oil and making my own allowed me to control the quality of the essential oils in my cleaners. Essential oils can break down plastic if they are stored in it, so I chose dark glass bottles. Essential oils retain their potency longer when not exposed to light. (If you are storing your cleaners in a dark cupboard, a clear glass bottle is fine.) These bottles look so pretty compared to the plastic bottles that purchased cleaners come in, and it takes only a couple of minutes to mix up a bottle! A bonus is that it is super cheap as well. Continue reading “Tea Tree Oil Cleaner with Lavender: Antiviral and Antibacterial”

Reusable Food Wrap

Homemade Reusable Food Wrap

Making this non-plastic reusable food wrap seems like a fabulous idea to me on so many levels. First, there is the benefit to the environment. Second, you cut down on the amount of plastic that comes into contact with your food. Third, you can cut down on the amount of plastic wrap you buy. Fourth and probably most important, you get to pick out pretty fabric to make it out of. What’s to lose? Continue reading “Homemade Reusable Food Wrap”