These chocolate bars are my way of getting spore-based probiotics into the kids regularly since they can’t swallow capsules yet. I use my all time favorite probiotic, MegaSpore, for these chocolate bars for a few reasons:

  • It is spore based so it actually alters the terrain of your digestive system in favor of the good guys
  • It is heat stable up to 400 degrees!
  • The HU58 strain in Megaspore actually produces antibiotics to kill the bad guys (pathogenic bacteria) in your gut!
  • It reduces gas and bloating! 

Why use a probiotic to rebalance your microbiome?

  • Rebalancing your microbiome will give you a powerful immune system because over 80% of your immune system resides in your gut.
  • Rebalancing your microbiome can alleviate mood disorders like depression and anxiety because 90% of your serotonin (happy endorphin) and 50% of your dopamine (motivation chemical) is actually made IN your gut!
  • Rebalancing your microbiome can give your heal your skin! The skin on the outside of your body is a reflection of the skin inside your body (your intestinal lining). Healing one heals the other. 
  • If you want to know more about how to rebalance your microbiome and why it is so crucial to good health, check out my post, Protecting Your Microbiome.

How to make Probiotic Chocolate:

Special supplies:

Probiotic Chocolate ingredients:


  1. First, put your chocolate bar molds onto a cookie sheet or other flat, portable surface.
  2. Next, melt the grated coconut butter. I like to do this in a make-shift double boiler (which is just a saucepan with about an inch of water in it with a pyrex bowl on top. Make sure the bowl is big enough that the bottom sits in the pan without touching the water!) It is best to keep the temperature under 115 degrees.
  3. Once your coconut butter is melted, remove it from the heat and allow it to cool to 95 degrees. 
  4. Next, add your cocoa powder, pinch sea salt, and Megasporebiotic powder. Mix it well.
  5. Then add your vanilla and maple syrup. Again, mix it well. 
  6. Allow the mixture to cool to 88-90 degrees
  7. Once cooled, pour the mixture into your two bar molds. Use a spatula to get the remainder that is clinging to the bowl. 
  8. Let the chocolate bars cool at room temperature for several hours. 
  9. Once hardened completely, they are ready to eat or store!

Probiotic Chocolate Bars


Dosage for probiotic chocolate:

When staring MegaSporebiotics, it is best to go slow. For kids, start with 1/4 capsule per day for the first week. 1/4 capsule is one square of chocolate. For the second week, 1/2 capsule each day (2 squares). Finally, the full dose is 1 capsule or 4 squares.

For adults, start with 1/2 capsule a day for the first week (2 squares). Go up to 1 capsule per day the second week (4 squares). Finally, the full dose is 2 caps a day (8 squares). It is most effective to take it at the end of your largest meal. 

Note: Once your child (or you) has reached the full dose, if you want less chocolate per dose, you can put 24 capsules instead of 12. This makes the dosing 1/2 capsule=1 square and 1 capsule=2 squares.

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