With Homeopathy for Overindulgence, we are briefly departing from our “sickness” symptoms series. However, since overindulgence can be a major factor in coming down with an illness or not, it feels right to write this now, on the heels of Halloween and heading for the holidays.

There are many substances that we might overindulge on during the holiday season! Let’s go through the most common items.

Homeopathy for Overindulgence of Sugar:

It only takes about 75 grams of sugar to weaken the immune system and cause inflammation! While it is best, of course, to limit your sugar intake, there are a few things you can do to enjoy some “treats” this holiday season.

First, consume treats made from maple syrup, honey, or whole cane sugar.

Avoid white sugar, corn syrup, and of course, high fructose corn syrup. While whole cane sugar (like Sucanat or Rapadura) contain the minerals that your body needs to be able to process the sugar, unlike processed sugars which have been stripped of these minerals. Consuming white sugar and corn syrup will, over time, lead to nutrient deficiencies in many people for this very reason.

The remedy Saccharum off. in a 6x, 6c, or 30c taken twice per day can help you overcome the physical portion of your sugar cravings after a few weeks. (Be sure to restrict your sugar during this time, of course.) It can also be given when kids are “wired” after too many sweets.

If you have symptoms from a sugar binge, Nux vomica in a 200c taken as needed can help.

Homeopathy for Overindulgence on Food Additives

Food Additives like preservatives and dyes are toxic to the body.

The best advice is to avoid processed foods, of course. However, if you do overindulge on these toxins then we reach for one of our favorite remedies for when we are poisoned: Arsenicum album. You can use a 30c, 200c or even a 1M if the symptoms are quite severe.

PS: Did you know that many kids with ADD/ADHD show dramatic improvement when their parents remove dyes and additives from their diets? Same goes for kids with behavioral issues. Wouldn’t it be awesome if food manufacturers cared that they are poisoning our children?

Homeopathy for Overindulgence on Alcohol

Often, overindulgence on alcohol also means overindulgence on food additives and sugar. It is best to drink high quality alcohol whether you are drinking beer, wine, or hard liquor to be sure that you are not overloading your liver with even more toxins than you bargained for. (Unfortunately, alcohol makers do not have to disclose the additives they use.)

I like Dry Farms clean wines and opt for higher shelf Bourbon when I indulge in alcohol.

If you happen to have too much of any of these spirits, Nux vomica 200c taken as needed can alleviate your hangover. Rehydrating is probably necessary as well, as I am sure you know.

If you alcohol contains additives, you may want to add Arsenicum album too.

Homeopathy for Overindulgence on Caffeine

How much caffeine is too much varies depending on how well your phase 1 liver detox pathways are functioning. If you have a slow first pathway, you may have trouble sleeping. Many people think that caffeine can only prevent them from falling asleep, but actually waking in the night is also a symptom of too much caffeine. This is the first item to cut back on (or in some cases eliminate) if you are having trouble sleeping.

The remedy we use for too much caffeine is actually made from coffee! This is hte perfect example of “like cures like,” the main principle that Homeopathy is based on. The remedy is called Coffea. Use it in a 200c or 1M as needed. You can use it if you feel too “wired” after caffeine, or if you wake in the night with racing thoughts.


Of course, if you end up with vomiting or diarrhea from your overindulgence, you will want to check out those posts for the corresponding remedies.

Have you used Homeopathy for overindulgence before? How did it go?