There is nothing like motion sickness or car sickness for taking the excitement out of getting to your vacation destination. As with most ailments, homeopathy has the answer! We will start off a Summertime Remedies Series with Homeopathy for Motion Sickness. If you are someone close to you suffers from either of these, you will want to read on because homeopathy can fix it!!!

With summer just around the corner, I thought it would be a great time to start a Summertime Remedies Series. This will include remedies for all the typical problems that arise when camping, hiking, BBQing, swimming, sunning, traveling, etc.

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The important point to remember when picking out a homeopathic remedy, is the symptom picture. Since we are all individuals, the remedy that two people with the same ailment need may be different. No fear though because the symptom picture will show us the way!

Homeopathy for Motion Sickness:

  • If you or your loved one have constant nausea with a headache, then Nux vomica is likely the remedy for you. The person who needs this remedy may also have ringing in the ears. 
  • When someone has nausea with either dizziness or vertigo, they are vomiting, and they feel better when lying down and having things quiet, the remedy is likely Cocculus indicus.
  • The likely remedy when you or a loved one has intense nausea, is in a cold sweat, is pale and cold and feels better with open air (like having a window open), is Tabacum. This is also an excellent remedy for Morning Sickness. (I wish I had known this with my pregnancies!!!)
  • When someone is salivating profusely, pale and faint, has a cold sweat and a headache, and stomach pain relieved by eating, Petroleum is the likely remedy.

Choosing the Homeopathic Remedy:

Remember that the person doesn’t have to have ALL the symptoms in the remedy picture. Just pick the picture that fits them the best.

Choosing a Homeopathic potency:

When dosing for an acute illness (like car sickness or motion sickness), they generally respond well to lower potencies like 30c or 200c. Any Homeopathic kit with at least 50 remedies should have the remedies listed above. Use the potency you have from your kit.

Choosing frequency and duration:

Frequency just means how often you or your loved one should take the remedy. Duration just means for how long you or your loved one should continue taking the remedy. For an acute situation, the remedy is often needed more frequently in the beginning. Then, as the symptoms subside, you can space out the doses more.

A good rule to follow like Motion Sickness is to give the remedy every 5-10 minutes at first. If you have the right remedy, the symptoms should improve. If the symptoms lessen, then keep taking the remedy until they abate. If the symptoms disappear, you do not need to repeat the remedy again unless they reappear.

If the symptoms don’t improve AT ALL after about 4 doses, you have not chosen the correct remedy for that person. Go back to the list and try again.

If you try these remedies, let me know how it goes!