This week we will talk about how to use Homeopathy for sore throats, tonsillitis, and the ultimate of sore throats, Strep throat.

Let’s go over the main remedies for when we have a sore throat. Choose the remedy that matches your sore throat the best, if you have it on hand.

If not, choose the remedy that matches your sore throat best that you DO have on hand. Then, make sure you order the remedy that would have fit your sore throat best for future use.

These are alphabetical, not in order of use or effectiveness. Also, this list does not encompass all of the possible remedies for sore throats, but just my favorites and the most well-known.

For my family, since a sore throat is often the first sign of an acute illness, we reach for Aconite 200c mixed with Bryonia 30c in the hopes that we are in time to abort the illness.

Next, we choose Hepar sulph 6c. This generally takes care of sore throats for us. If not, we reach for Merc sol 200c. You may find that your family responds better to other remedies, however.


Homeopathy for Sore Throats

Most of these can be used in either 30c or 200c unless otherwise noted. With Apis and Hepar sulph, however, I like either 6c or 200c.

  • Aconitum napellus: This remedy is amazing at the start of any acute illness. Since sore throats are often a first sign, it makes sense that this would be a great one to reach for! Specifically, and Aconitum sore throat is dry, possibly hoarse. It may be rough and burn as well. They may have shiny eyes.
  • Apis: The keynote here is hat the throat hurts even when NOT swallowing. The throat is red and stings (think of how we learned about Apis for insect stings!)
  • Arsencium album: This remedy is for sore throats caused by post-nasal drip. Often it is worse on the right side. One of Arsenicum’s keynotes is restlessness and anxiety, so it this is how you feel, choose this remedy! Also , choose this if you feel better from eating warm food and warm or hot beverages.
  • Belladonna: A keynote of Belladonna and that the symptoms come on suddenly (like Aconite!). So, if your sore throat came on suddenly and is intense, this may be your remedy. The throat will be bright red, burn, feel raw. and be painful upon swallowing Your head may be hot, you might have a headache, or a dry mouth.
  • Dulcamara: This is an excellent remedy when the throat feels raw and burning. The saliva may be thick and sticky.
  • Echinacea: You may think of the herb Echinacea for its immune boosting reputation. Homeopathically, it is great for a sore throat with an accumulation of mucus in the throat. The person who needs this also has fatigue.
  • Ferrum phos 6x: If the sore throat comes on quite slowly, this might be what you need. It’s red and swollen, hurts when you swallow. It is great for sore throats due to overuse.
  • Hepar sulph: Hot drinks makes this sore throat feel better. There may be a sensation of something sharp lodged in the throat and may throb. You may also feel senstive to cold.
  • Merc sol: For raw, painful sore throats that hurt when you swallow, with bad breath. There may be excessive saliva and the tongue often  has a yellow coating.
  • Lachesis: This is a left-sided remedy with the unusual symptom of feeling better when swallowing food or liquids, but worse when swallowing salive
  • Phytolacca: THis one is a well known gland remedy. Choose this when swollen glands in the neck accompany the sore throat and the sore throat pain goes up into the ears. It may be worse on the right side and hurt to stick your tongue out.

Homeopathy for Tonsillitis

Hepar sulph or Phytolacca are the two top remedies for this condition. You can also add Belladonna for pain relief.

The Banerji Protocol for Tonsillitis is: Reoccurring throat infection with throat pain and high fever. Remember that with a Banerji Protocol, you try the first line first. Give it at least 4 doses. If you see absolutely NO improvement (not even a better mood or state of mind), then move on to the second line.

  • First line: Hepar Sulph 200c twice per day. Acute take once every 3-6 hours.
  • Second Line: Merc Cyanatus 200 mixed with Bella 200c alternated with Kali mur 3x every 3 hours.
  • Third line: Diptherinum 30c, in liquid.

Homeopathy for Strep Throat

The Banerji Protocol for Strep Throat is Hepar sulph 200c, twice per day. If the throat is extremely painful, add Belladonna 3c every few hours. If there are sores in the mouth, you can add Merc cyn 200c.

Have you used Homeopathy for Sore Throats before? How did it go?