Homeopathy for Sunburns is the third post in the summertime remedy series. We first did Homeopathy for Motion Sickness, and then Homeopathic Remedies for Food Poisoning. I am trying to cover all the common ailments that could come up during a summer of adventures.  If you are new to Homeopathy, see my post, “Homeopathy: What it is and How it Changed my Life.”

First: Why I don’t use Sunscreen

Before I jump into Homeopathic remedies for Sunburn (both for addressing a burn that has already occurred or preventing a burn from occurring, I thought I should mention a bit about my sun philosophy.

I had Melanoma when I was 35. Although I had had plenty of sun exposure growing up, in my 20’s I went to esthetic school. While there, they instilled in us that we needed to save our skin (from wrinkles and cancer) by wearing sunscreen. From that point, until my skin cancer diagnosis, I wore it religiously!

When I got my diagnosis, I started to question everything (hence how I became a Holistic Health Practitioner). I dove into researching skin cancer.

What I found out is that many of the ingredients in sunscreens are carcinogenic! Even in “organic” sunscreens, there are always a few ingredients in there that I will not put on my skin!

Furthermore, sunscreen can increase vitamin D deficiency. The best way to get vitamin D it is through sun exposure.

Vitamin D is important so important for the immune system: for fighting off harmful viruses, for avoiding autoimmunity, and for our hormones to be in balance, and for avoiding cancer. It is even important for SLEEP! (and sleep is important for everything.)

My approach now is to expose my skin slowly at the start of summer and then avoid the worst times of the day throughout the summer.


Nutrition for Sunburn Prevention

Anything that is full of antioxidants will help delay the time it takes for your skin to burn. Think vibrant colored fruits and vegetables. They need to be eaten regularly though. Eating a fruit salad before staying out in the sun all day won’t cut it.

Homeopathy for Sunburn Prevention

Sepia 200c once per day the day of exposure. This is great if you are leaving your home in the winter to go somewhere sunny for vacation and it will be hard to expose your skin slowly. It is not a magic bullet though, so still be sensible about your exposure. Bring lightweight clothing to put on if you feel you are getting burned and, of course, a hat.

Homeopathy for Sunburns

The best remedy for sunburns is Cantharis. You can give it every 15 minutes at first. Once symptoms are less intense, you can move to every 3 hours or when the effect of the remedy wears off. If the remedy begins to last longer, you can spread them out more to eventually every 12 hours, if needed. You don’t give the remedies once the person has recovered.

30c is a great potency of Cantharis for a normal sunburn. If the sunburn is really bad, you can go up to a 200c or even a 1M. The frequency stated above would still apply.

The remedy keynote for Cantharis is burning. As such, it is a great remedy for other types of burns. Keep it handy in case you get a burn from a stove or electricity. It is even a wonderful remedy if you have burning with urination!


If you use this remedy for a sunburn this summer, let me know how it goes!


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