Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri Sauce

I first discovered chimichurri sauce in a little Brazilian restaurant on Capital Hill (Seattle) about 15 years ago. It is a delightfully flavorful sauce made with cilantro and parsley that is generally served with red meat. I forgot about this sauce for quite a few years until a local restaurant  in the next town over opened. They have a steak dish with a delicious chimichurri. This coupled with my discovery that we should be eating foods with chlorophyll to prevent cancer risk while eating red meat (go here to learn more), made me decide that I should start making my own chimichurri sauce. Here is my version. Top your grass-fed and finished flat iron steak with it, dip homemade fries in it, or use it any other way that seems right to you! Continue reading “Chimichurri Sauce”

Magnesium-rich Homemade Ranch Dip and Dressing #magnesium #health #homemaderanch

Magnesium-rich Homemade Ranch Dip (or Dressing)

This Homemade Ranch Dip is loaded with magnesium and probiotics as well as other important nutrients. Since magnesium deficiencies are rampant in the U.S. it is helpful to have a tasty way to get your magnesium! Plus, there is no guilt when dipping your veggie (or even your cracker) into this delicious dip. I have written the recipe using dried herbs assuming that unless it is summer you probably won’t have all of them on hand. If you do happen to have them fresh, just use about half of the amount. Fresh herbs have more magnesium and other vitamins and minerals than dried, of course. Before I get to the recipe, let me break down the nutritional highlights of this homemade ranch for you. Continue reading “Magnesium-rich Homemade Ranch Dip (or Dressing)”

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Salad Dressing

What’s in your salad dressing?

Have you looked at the label lately? You might be surprised to see that it contains some appalling ingredients, even in the organic versions! Some common ingredients are inflammation promoting oils such as soy or canola and emulsifiers such as xanthan gum or guar gum. (Go here to find out why you should avoid soy. Go here to find out why you should avoid canola oil.  Go here to find out why you should avoid emulsifiers.) 

In addition to avoiding these horrible ingredients, making your own salad dressing literally takes a couple of minutes! Plus, you can use the highest quality ingredients for the best nutrition and taste with none of the JUNK in store-bought dressings! Sold yet? If not, how about I extoll the virtues of raw apple cider vinegar for you?

Benefits of raw apple cider vinegar:

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Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd: A Nutritious Treat

This Lemon Curd recipe (printable version is at the bottom of the post) is one of our favorite toppings for our homemade yogurt! We often have it for an after dinner treat. If you have ever had Ellenos Greek yogurt with lemon curd, this tastes exactly like it. It is also nice to drizzle this lemon curd on pancakes or waffles, or use it anywhere else you would use a lemon curd. Save those leftover egg whites for souffles! As a bonus, it is a tasty way to get some important nutrition. Indulge me while I break down the ingredients for you. Continue reading “Lemon Curd: A Nutritious Treat”