Sourdough Starter

Sourdough Starter: Obtaining, Maintaining, and Enjoying

Why Sourdough?

  • Using a sourdough starter allows you to bake without using commercial yeast. Most commercial yeasts are genetically modified. If that isn’t enough to make you want to avoid them, many people unknowingly react to commercial yeasts. (Bioreal has a GMO-free yeast that I use occasionally. Go here to find out what is so bad about GMOs.)
  • The process of fermenting the wheat (or any grain or seed) releases it’s phytates. Phytates bind up valuable vitamins and minerals. Once the phytates are releases, the vitamins and minerals are much more bio-available (ready for your body to use). Using a sourdough starter gives you a nutritious as well as tasty way to make breads, pancakes, waffles, tortillas, and many other treats.
  • Grains also move from high on the glycemic index to low on the glycemic index by being soured. This means that the natural sugars in the grain are absorbed slowly instead of quickly which keeps your blood sugar off of the roller coaster.

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