These days, with things to contend with such as soil depletion, food traveling great distances before it reaches your table, and processed foods that are stripped of nutrients, it can be hard to get the nutrients that your body needs in your daily diet. Although there are many ways to sneak in extra nutrients, I find that a small list is better for comprehension, so here are 10 ways to sneak in nutrients. Most of them you will barely notice! And, hey, if you only pick 2 or 3, you are better off than you were before.

To sneak nutrients into your diet (or the diet of someone you love):

Learn how to sneak nutrients into your diet without taking a pill

  1. Add a kefir “shake” to your breakfast. This can be milk kefir made with grass-fed milk, or coconut milk kefir. With either, you will get the benefit of gut-loving bacteria to help balance your microbiome. We make ours with grass-fed milk kefir, berries, hemp hearts and a little maple syrup. Go here to learn more.
  2. Add kelp powder to your salt. It has a salty taste, so you are unlikely even to notice that it is there. Kelp has iodine which is essential to thyroid function, especially to preventing thyroid dysfunction. It also has over 70 vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids. You can go up to half salt/half kelp powder.
  3. Speaking of salt, switch to sea salt over table salt. Table salt is stripped of it’s minerals and then potassium iodide is added (for iodized salt) as well as anti-caking agents like sodium chloride. Make sure not to get refined, sea salt, however. This has been stripped of it’s minerals as well. Good choices are Celtic salt and Himalayan salt.
  4. Besides making soups and stews with bone broth, cook your rice, beans, and potatoes in bone broth. Go here to learn about the many benefits of adding bone broth to your diet. Either make your own, or buy one like Kettle and Fire.
  5. Put collagen powder in your tea or coffee. Collagen powder has many of the benefits of bone broth, such as healing the gut lining, creating soft, supple skin, boosting the immune system, and lubricating the joints. It also has protein and all of the essential amino acid.
  6. Take magnesium baths and or use a spray or roll-on before bed. Magnesium deficiency is rampant in those eating a western diet (or SAD). This deficiency is a factor in many of the leading diseases and disorders in our country, especially heart disease and mood disorders. For an indulgent bath, add at least two cups of Ancient Minerals magnesium bath flakes to your bath water along with your choice of essential oils (be sure that the oils are not “hot” oils like Oregano). I like lavender and geranium, or you can use a special synergy blend if there is something in particular that you want to work on, such as hormonal balance. Trans-dermal (through skin) absorption of magnesium is the safest way to supplement because your skin will only take in what you need. Therefore, you won’t get any of the uncomfortable side effects of supplementing with magnesium internally (like an undesired colon flush). Aim to take a magnesium bath 2 or 3 times a week. Alternatively or in addition, use a magnesium spray and/or magnesium roller a half an hour before bed. Magnesium is critical to a good night’s sleep.
  7. Have a glass of kombucha daily (or a “Probiotic Palmer which is half plaing kombucha and 1/2 water kefir lemonade“). Kombucha contains probiotics and many beneficial acids to help balance your microbiome. Go here to learn the long list of benefits.
  8. Hide chicken hearts in ground beef meals. Organ meats are the most nutrient dense and they are often overlooked. If you are new to consuming organ meats, chicken hearts are a good place to begin because they have a mild flavor. You won’t even notice them hidden in burgers, meatloaf, chili, etc. Be sure to choose organic, pastured chicken hearts, however. Conventionally raised birds are exposed to all sorts of toxins that can lodge in their meat, bones, and organs. Go here to learn more about the benefits of chicken hearts.
  9. Start taking liver “pills”. Buy organic, pastured liver (chicken, beef, lamb) and freeze it for a day. Take it out of the freezer and let it soften until you can cut it. Cut it into pill-sized pieces and then freeze again. (It is helpful to flash freeze on a parchment-lined baking sheet so that they don’t stick together.) Keep them in the freezer and take daily or as needed for an extra nutrient boost. Liver is high in b vitamins and iron. Go here to learn more about the benefits of eating liver. If you want to take a grass-fed liver pill already make for you, you can take Perfect Dessicated Liver.
  10. Add Hemp Hearts to your smoothies, salads, and yogurt. They are a  great source of easily digestible protein. They also have more protein than chia or flax seeds. Hemp hearts are also a great source of fiber and resistant starch! They are made up of 30% healthy fats and contain two essential fatty acids (omega 3s and 6s). These powerful little seeds contain many important minerals including potassium, phosphorus and calcium (bone health), sulfur (important for insulin regulation and the production of the powerful detoxifier, glutathione), iron (blood health), zinc (immune health), and magnesium.  Hemp hearts are full of the powerful antioxidant, vitamin E. They are great for skin health, cardiovascular disease, aid digestion, and can help balance hormones. You can even make hemp milk with them!
  11. I know the title said 10, but I just couldn’t stop myself. Heres is a bonus way to pack more nutrients to your diet. Add sprouts to salads and sandwiches. These tasty gems are packed with nutrition. Go here to learn about the long list of benefits of consuming sprouts as well as how to make them at home. You can even hide them in smoothies!

How about you? Do you eat any of these things? Are you going to start? What other ways do you sneak nutrients into your diet? I would love to hear from you!

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