Did you know that you are most likely magnesium deficient? Over 80% of us are, so unless you eat a perfect diet that excludes sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, are not stressed, and haven’t been sick recently, you probably are deficient. 

Magnesium actually plays a big role in how soundly you sleep. As if that weren’t enough, being deficient in magnesium can have grave health concerns. If you would like to read more about how magnesium deficiency can contribute to everything from heart problems, to anxiety, to cancer, check out my post Do You Have a Magnesium Deficiency?

Use Magnesium oil to safely increase your magnesium intake

So I have you convinced that you need to pay attention to your magnesium needs, right? How should you do it? Well, taking a magnesium supplement is an option, but it can act like a bit of a colon cleanse and you have to be very careful of which type of magnesium you use. A better way to get your supplemental magnesium is trans-dermally (through your skin)! You can absorb a small amount of magnesium by taking Epsom salt baths, but mostly they detoxify you (which is still awesome, of course). To really boost your magnesium though, take Magnesium flake baths or use a magnesium spray or gel and apply it to the fatty parts of your body.  I put 40 sprays all over my body (my thighs, tummy, and tush) about a half an hour before bed to ensure a nice, deep sleep. Be forewarned, however, that this may sting until you build up your magnesium stores again (usually 2 weeks of spraying continually). However, the best places to absorb magnesium are the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet and these don’t sting at all!


DIY Magensium Rollers


In order to compound the benefits of magnesium and essential oils, I created a simple roller mixed with magnesium oil and a sleep synergy blend of essential oils for my feet. This is the same synergy blend that I use in my essential oil diffuser next to my bed. The synergy blend I use is called Dreamtime by Rocky Mountain Oils. It is just divine! I also made one for the kids that is mixed with Aloe Vera to alleviate any possible stinging. For theirs, I used a “kid safe” synergy blend for sleep called Nighty Night from Plant Therapy. Both of these make great gifts!!

Supplies for magnesium oil rollers:

  • One ounce roller bottles (I used these)
  • Magnesium Oil
  • Aloe Vera Gel (This is only needed for the kid’s version or you are particularly sensitive)
  • Essential oil synergy blend (I used this one for my kids and this one for myself.) For kids choose a kid safe version and dilute to 1% which is 6 drops per once ounce bottle.

For Kids’ Magnesium Roller:

First add 1 teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel. Next add your magnesium oil almost to the top of the bottle. Finally, add 6 drops of your essential oil blend and top the bottle with the roller lid. (Be sure choose a version that is safe for kids and add 6 drops per one ounce bottle (this is a 1% dilution rate). All done!


For an adult magnesium oil roller:

First add 12-15 drops of your essential oil blend per once ounce bottle. You do not need to add the aloe, unless you want to. Next, fill your bottle almost to the top with magnesium oil and top with the roller lid. Done! So easy.

Now you are ready to go. Simply give your bottle a light shake and then roll onto your feet before bed. I leave this in my bedside table and actually do this right when I get into bed. Trust me when I tell you that this will help your sleep!! I used to be a horrible sleeper! I could usually go to sleep ok, but I would wake up so many times a night. Sometimes I could go back to sleep, sometimes I couldn’t. Now, I almost always fall right asleep and stay asleep until it is time to wake up. Heaven!! Between this and the 40 magnesium sprays, I am no longer magnesium deficient! This was confirmed recently when I had a very extensive blood draw done by my new integrative medicine physician. She was surprised  because most people she sees are deficient. Not me 🙂


Magnesium Rollers


Do you use magnesium oil or gel before bed? Has it helped you to sleep better?