Make a simple toner at home to soothe and calm rosacea with rose water and homeopathy. If you are new to homeopathy and would like to know what it is and how it works, check out my post, “Homeopathy: What it is and How it Changed my Life.”


What remedies are in the homeopathic rosacea toner and why?

  • Kali Mur 6x: This cell salt is potassium chloride. This mineral is critical to the production of fibrin. It is also useful for swelling. Helpful for blistering red skin (erysipelas), acne pustules and pimples. All this combined with its ability to heal spider veins, and it is easy to see why it is such a wonderful remedy for rosacea.
  • Kali sulph 6x: This cell salt assists in the formation of new skin and is helpful for hot, burning skin.
  • Silicea 6x: Here is another mineral that is crucial to the skin. It is helpful with any eruptions on the face.
  • Sulphur 30: An interesting study was done with regard to rosacea in which they discovered a particular skin mite in a large percentage of those with rosacea (1). Using a topical cream containing sulfur killed the mites and helped to heal the rosacea. Topical sulfur in its gross form, however, is extremely drying to the skin as well as super stinky! Sulphur is also great for hot, itchy skin as well as the flushing that often accompanies rosacea.


Homeopathic Rosacea Toner

To make your toner:

  1. Add one dose of each remedy (usually 4 pellets, but it will say on the side of the bottle) to a 2 ounce bottle.
  2. Fill the bottle almost all the way full with either rose hydrosol or neroli hydrosol. I recommend Neroli if you have aging skin, whereas rose is great for any type of skin.
  3. Leave a bit of room for shaking. Shake before each application.
  4. Use morning and night to a gently cleaned face. After use, apply your usual moisturizer.
  5. These remedies applied topically count as a dose of each remedy, so be sure to account for this within your homeopathic remedy schedule.

Note: I linked above to the cell salts that are most readily available. These are made in lactose. I prefer to use the cell salts and remedies made in sucrose (like from Boiron) in facial products because they dissolve better. Either one will work, and you need to shake before each use either way, so it is a matter of personal preference. Boiron can be found online at their own site, of course. Amazon and Fullscript carry some Boiron remedies.


In addition to your toner,  you may want to:

  • Avoid your triggers. These can vary by individual, but are often spicy food, certain alcohols, and food additives. Homeopathy is great for helping the body to heal food sensitivities and allergies as well!
  • Make sure to get plenty of foods containing B vitamins like leafy greens and liver (or a desiccated liver supplement). The same study cited above found that the majority of rosacea sufferers were deficient in B vitamins. If you are supplementing with Bs, make sure that you are doing a B-complex, it is made from whole foods, and that it doesn’t contain amounts that are significantly over the RDA of Bs. Although they are water soluble vitamins, your liver still has to process what you don’t use.
  • Make sure you are digesting your food properly. If you have trouble digesting your food, you can take the cell salt Nat phos 6x before each meal to balance acidity.

Comment below if you try this toner or have questions.