Tiger Nut Milk

Tiger Nut Milk (AKA Horchata de Chufa) and Soaked Tiger Nuts: Tasty Treats With Resistant Starch

If you are looking to add more resistant starch to your diet (and you should be ;), here are two easy and tasty ways to do so. 

Tiger Nuts as a Simple Snack

Since tiger nuts have been dried to allow for long storage, you will need to rehydrate them. Soak your tiger nuts in water for at least 12 hours and up to 48. The soaking time will change the texture. Less soaking equals crunchier tiger nuts and more equals softer tiger nuts. You can also add flavorings such as cinnamon sticks and or vanilla beans to the soaking water. Drain and let dry and enjoy!! 

Horchata de chufa (tiger nut milk)

Another tasty way to get the benefits of tiger nuts, such as resistant starch, is horchata de chufa. Instead of being made from rice, this Spanish horchata is made from tiger nuts. Continue reading “Tiger Nut Milk (AKA Horchata de Chufa) and Soaked Tiger Nuts: Tasty Treats With Resistant Starch”


Three Easy Ways to Add Fermented Foods to Your Daily Diet and a Basic Kraut Recipe

You have probably heard that fermented foods like kraut (sauerkraut) are full of probiotics and that probiotics feed the good bacteria in your gut or microbiome. Now the question is how to get them into your daily routine so that they become a habit. You are much more likely to eat fermented foods if they are on hand all the time, of course. One easy way to assure that this is so is to make your own. Most fermented foods are truly simple to make and do not require a lot of time. I usually do it while I am in the kitchen making dinner anyway. See the bottom of the post for a basic recipe for Kraut that you can change up however you like.  Continue reading “Three Easy Ways to Add Fermented Foods to Your Daily Diet and a Basic Kraut Recipe”

Gardening Tools

Gardening: The Health Benefits

The calendar professes that it is spring. Although it hasn’t felt much like spring here in the Seattle area, I am excited to start gardening. Right now I have some seeds started indoors and we are doing a major renovation of the garden. We are taking out the old raised beds and converting it to a square foot garden. I am going to do a whole section of medicinal herbs this year! Continue reading “Gardening: The Health Benefits”

Fermented Jicama Sticks with Grapefruit

Fermented Jicama sticks with Grapefruit: Feed your Microbiome with Deliciousness

Let me tell you about Fermented Jicama Sticks with Grapefruit. First and foremost they are delicious! Second, jicama itself is packed with prebiotics. Prebiotics feed the good bacteria in your gut. They are just as important, if not more, than probiotics that you have heard to much about. Don’t worry though, we get probiotics too when we lacto-ferment the jicama. It is basically heaven for your gut. You can’t say no to that, right? We all want a happy gut! You know I just can’t resist breaking down the nutritional benefits of this recipe for you, so here we go. Continue reading “Fermented Jicama sticks with Grapefruit: Feed your Microbiome with Deliciousness”


Protecting Your Microbiome

Microbiome? Micro-what? If that is what you said to yourself as you read the title to this post, let me elaborate. You may have heard by now that you actually have more bacterial cells than actual human cells. This collection of bacterial cells is called your microbiome, microbiota, or microflora depending upon who is speaking. For the sake of simplicity, I will refer to it as your microbiome. Why should you care about protecting your microbiome? Hold onto your seats while I tell you! Continue reading “Protecting Your Microbiome”