Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Homemade Hand Sanitizer: Microbiome Safe

If you’re not sure why you need a microbiome-safe hand sanitizer, go here to read all about your microbiome and why you need to protect it.

What’s in Hand Sanitizer?

Antibacterial hand sanitizers, besides being made of dangerous petroleum-based chemicals, contain antibiotics such as Triclosan. Triclosan can kill off good and neutral bacteria, leaving antibiotic resistant bad bacteria to proliferate. Not only that, but there are hormonal implications coming to light with Triclosan as well! Great. Now what do I do if I am out at some germ-ridden place such as a porta-potty or hospital? Make your own hand sanitizer with essential oils and and bring it with you!

Homemade Hand Sanitizer in Perfume Bottles


Here is some good news. (Finally!) Many essential oils are powerfully anti-microbial! Remember quality matters when it comes to essential oils. My trusted brands are Rocky Mountain Oils and Plant Therapy. It is so simple to make your own hand sanitizer with essential oils and and bring it with you wherever you go! I used a four ounce glass bottle for my regular purse and small glass perfume bottles for when I have a small purse.



Antibacterial Essential Oils:

  • Tea tree
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Oregano
  • Eucalyptus
  • Bergamot
  • Lemongrass
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon
  • Thyme
  • Basil and Rosemary (use together).


Antiviral essential oils:

  • Tea Tree
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemon
  • Pine
  • Peppermint
  • Cinnamon
  • Lavender
  • Clove
  • Thyme
  • Oregano

homemade hand sanitizer:

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

  • 1 Tablespoon Aloe Vera gel
  • 3 Tablespoons Witch Hazel (antimicrobial and antiviral)
  • 5-7 drops antibacterial and antiviral essential oil(s) (see list above (I used 4 drops Tea Tree and 3 drops Lavender)
  • Optional: Vitamin E capsule to preserve it longer
  • Glass spray bottle (I used a 4 ounce glass bottle and the little perfume bottles shown here.)

Place all ingredients into a glass spray bottle. This recipe makes 4 ounces. Shake to mix. Spray on your hands as needed.

Note: The small glass perfume bottles hold a scant tablespoon, so either cut this recipe in fourths or make some for a larger bottle and share it with your smaller bottle(s). You will need a small funnel if you get the small bottles. I thought they were so fun and convenient for a small purse. Also, I wanted some for making homemade perfume with my essential oils. The bottles come in groups of 5, so I have leftover to put my homemade perfume in. (How to post on custom blending your own perfume coming soon 🙂


Have you ever made homemade hand sanitizer? What did you use? Did you like it? I’d love to hear from you!






Non-toxic room scents

Non-toxic Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing (and Two DIYs)

Picture this. You come home from work and the house smells funky. Hopefully you find the source of the offending odor, but even if you do, it might still be lingering. Why not light a scented candle? Why not spray a shot of air freshener? Why not use a plug-in room freshener? I thought you’d never ask. Let me tell you why.

Most air fresheners (sprays or not) that are sold at the drug store, grocery store, and even that cute little boutique, contain phthalates (thal-ates). Phthalates can wreak havoc with your hormones, especially testosterone (which we all need, although in varying levels). These lovely chemicals are known to cause reproductive problems and birth defects as well. I love a good smell as much as the next gal, but that is not a risk I am willing to take, especially with two growing children in the home.

Okay, so air fresheners are out. How about lighting a scented candle? The ingredients in the typical candle can also wreak havoc with your body. Most candles are made from petroleum-based paraffin wax. When paraffin is burned it can emit benzene and toluene, both of which are highly toxic and known carcinogens. Even if you buy a soy candle (make sure it is 100% soy, most are not), you still have some toxins emitted when it is burned because they have to be processed with paraffin. If all this wasn’t enough, you have fragrances to worry about as well. While some fragrances may smell amazing, most synthetic fragrances are also petroleum based and contain a whole battery of toxins that are linked to cancer, birth defects, allergies, and more.  (This likely goes for your favorite perfume and other beauty products as well. Sorry.)

What’s a girl to do? We have a house that is soon to turn 100 years old and no matter how clean it is (not that it is always sparkling clean, mind you), it sometimes smells musty. We also have a dog who can get a bit smelly in between baths. Since living with stinky is not an option, let me tell you what we do.

Non-Toxic alternatives to Air Fresheners, Sprays, and Scented Candles:

  • Beeswax candles: These do not emit toxins, and you can get them scented with essential oils so that you avoid the toxins in synthetic fragrances. There is a local (Seattle) company called Big Dipper Wax Works that has beeswax candles made with essential oil blends that smell heavenly. You can buy them on Amazon if you’re not local. They are long lasting and clean burning.
  • Essential oil diffusers: We love these! I have one in the living room, the kids’ room, and our bedroom. These are great for not only scenting a room, but also for using targeted health blends like Immune Boom or Germ Destroyer when there are sicknesses going around. Or you can use a blend like Worry-free with relaxing scents like Lavender, Ylang-ylang, Sandalwood, and Vanilla to create a calm environment.
  • Homemade oil diffusers: These are great for small areas like bathrooms and are super simple to make. See below for instructions.
  • Homemade Room/Linen spray: Homemade room spray/linen spray is a non-toxic way to make your house, car and linens smell lovely. It is another super simple project. You just need two ingredients and a glass bottle to store it in. See below for instructions.

How make your own room Spray (or linen spray):

Homemade Room/Linen Spray

  • Distilled water
  • Essential oil(s): I like combinations like Lavender and Geranium, but you could use a synergy blend such as Relax Synergy, Worry-Free, or a any combination of your choosing.
  • Glass spray bottle (It is important not to store essential oils in plastic as they break down the plastic and get plastic particles in your products.)

I use 4 ounce spray bottles for this. I first add 1/2 teaspoon (50 drops) of essential oils and then fill it up the rest of the way with distilled water. Give a little shake, and spray!

Homemade Oil Diffusers

Homemade Oil Diffuser

Combine 70% carrier oil with 30% essential oil(s). Example: 7 teaspoons of carrier oil with 3 teaspoons of essential oils. Put reeds in, allow them to soak up the oil for a few hours and then flip them. Repeat this a few times for the first week or so. After that, flip them any time you want to refresh the scent.


Have you ever made homemade room spray? Oil diffusers? Are you going to try it out?




magnesium oil roll on ingredients

Magnesium Oil Roller (DIY) for Better Sleep

Did you know that you are most likely magnesium deficient? Over 80% of us are, so unless you eat a perfect diet that excludes sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, are not stressed, and haven’t been sick recently, you probably are deficient.

Magnesium actually plays a big role in how soundly you sleep. As if that weren’t enough, being deficient in magnesium, as I already stated that many of us are, can have grave health concerns. If you would like to read more about how magnesium deficiency can contribute to everything from heart problems, to anxiety, to cancer, check out the book The Magnesium Miracle. It is eye-opening and a short read. You can read it easily in a few hours.

Use Magnesium oil to safely increase your magnesium intake

So I have you convinced that you need to pay attention to your magnesium needs, right? How should you do it? Well, taking a magnesium supplement is an option, but it can act like a bit of a colon cleanse and you have to be very careful of which type of magnesium you use. A better way to get your supplemental magnesium is trans-dermally! You can do this by taking Epsom salt baths and/or Magnesium baths. Another way is to buy a magnesium spray or gel and apply it to the fatty parts of your body.  I put it on my thighs and tummy about a half an hour before bed to ensure a nice, deep sleep. Be forewarned, however, that this will may sting until you build up your magnesium stores again. However, the best places to absorb magnesium are the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet and these don’t sting!

Ingredients for adult magnesium oil roll-on

In order to compound the benefits of magnesium and essential oils, I created a simple roller mixed with magnesium oil and a sleep synergy blend of essential oils for my feet. This is the same synergy blend that I use in my essential oil diffuser next to my bed. The synergy blend I use is called Dreamtime by Rocky Mountain Oils. It is just divine! I also made one for the kids that is mixed with Aloe Vera to alleviate any possible stinging. For theirs, I used a “kid safe” synergy blend for sleep called Nighty Night from Plant Therapy. Both of these make great gifts!!

Supplies for magnesium oil rollers:

FOr Kids’ Magnesium ROller:

First add 1 teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel. Next add your magnesium oil almost to the top of the bottle. Finally, add 6 drops of your essential oilblend and top the bottle with the roller lid. (Be sure choose a version that is safe for kids.of essential oils and add 6 drops per one ounce bottle (this is a 1% dilution rate).

For an adult magnesium oil roller:

magnesium oil roll on ingredientsFirst add 12-15 drops of your essential oil blend per once ounce bottle. You do not need to add the aloe. Next, fill your bottle almost to the top with magnesium oil and add the roller lid.

Now you are ready to go. Simply give your bottle a light shake and then roll onto your feet before bed. I actually do this right when I get into bed. I go to bed about an hour before I want to be asleep so that I can read first. This is part of my sleep routine. If you feel like you could use some tweaking in your bedtime routine, you can look forward to a future post about improving your sleep hygiene.


Do you use magnesium oil or gel before bed? Has it helped you to sleep better?

Homemade Essential Oil Roll-ons

Essential Oil Roll-ons (Homemade)

These essential oil roll-ons are some of our favorite tools we have around the house for keeping healthy or recoverving from illness quickly. We also put essential oils in diffusers throughout the house, but the rollers are particularly when handy away from home and our diffusers. Essential oil roll-ons are convenient because the essential oils are already diluted to the appropriate amount with a carrier oil. Some oils are considered “hot” which means you should not apply them directly to the skin without first diluting them. When you have a roller made up, all you have to do is give a light shake and apply whenever they are needed.

To use your essential oil roll-ons:

You can apply these to the spine or the bottoms of the feet. I usually do Immune Boom and Germ Destroyer on my kids spines (especially the base). We use Immune Boom daily during the cold and flu season or if we hear of something going around. We all use the Germ Destroyer roll on if one of us is starting to get sick. We also do a night time roller with magnesium oil, aloe, and calming essential oils on the bottoms of their feet.

What you need to make essential oil roll-ons:

cropped essential oil roll=ons

First: Check the dilution rate on the back of the bottle. If there isn’t one, use the most cautious dilution rate. Here is a dilution chart. My bottle of Immune Boom states to use a 1-3% dilution rate for topical application. Most bottles will state the same. 1% dilution is 6 drops per ounce and 3% dilution is 20 drops. My bottles are 10 milliliters, which is about a third of an ounce. Therefore, I can use anywhere from 2-6 drops per bottle. This may not seem like much, but essential oils are very powerful, especially if you are buying high quality oils such as those by Rocky Mountain Oils and Plant Therapy. Remember that more is not necessarily better when it comes to essential oils. This brings up another important point. At this rate, it will take you quite a while to go through your bottles of essential oils. They should be stored in the fridge! I didn’t know this for years. I thought they lasted forever. As it happens, some oils will keep for years, but some, such as lemon, only last about a year! Keep this in mind when purchasing and go for the smaller bottles unless it is something you know you will be using all the time.

Second: Add your carrier oil. 10 milliliters is equal to a little over two teaspoons, so I put two teaspoons of fractionated coconut oil into my bottle with a tiny funnel, dropped 6 drops of my synergy blend in, popped the roller top on and Voila! Easy as pie.

Some of my favorite roll-ons we use are Immune Boom (Plant Therapy, Kid Safe collection),  Germ Destroyer (Plant therapy, Kid Safe collection) and Nighty Night (Plant Therapy, Kid Safe collection).

immune boom and coconut oil

To use, you can apply these to the spine or the bottoms of the feet. I usually do Immune Boom and Germ Destroyer on my kids spines (especially the base). We use Immune Boom daily during the cold and flu season or if we hear of something going around. We all use the Germ Destroyer roll on if one of us is starting to get sick. We also do a night time roller with magnesium oil, aloe, and calming essential oils on the bottoms of their feet.

If you don’t have the time or desire to make your own, you can buy pre-made roll-ons from Rocky Mountain Essential Oils and Plant Therapy. Both have versions that are safe for children.

Do you use essential oils to stay healthy? What are some of your favorites?