Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Homemade Hand Sanitizer: Microbiome Safe

If you’re not sure why you need a microbiome-safe hand sanitizer, go here to read all about your microbiome and why you need to protect it.

What’s in Hand Sanitizer?

Antibacterial hand sanitizers, besides being made of dangerous petroleum-based chemicals, contain antibiotics such as Triclosan. Triclosan can kill off good and neutral bacteria, leaving antibiotic resistant bad bacteria to proliferate. Not only that, but there are hormonal implications coming to light with Triclosan as well! Great. Now what do I do if I am out at some germ-ridden place such as a porta-potty or hospital? Make your own hand sanitizer with essential oils and and bring it with you! Continue reading “Homemade Hand Sanitizer: Microbiome Safe”

Non-toxic room scents

Non-toxic Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing (and Two DIYs)

Picture this. You come home from work and the house smells funky. Hopefully you find the source of the offending odor, but even if you do, it might still be lingering. Why not light a scented candle? Why not spray a shot of air freshener? Why not use a plug-in room freshener? I thought you’d never ask. Let me tell you why. Continue reading “Non-toxic Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing (and Two DIYs)”

magnesium oil roll on ingredients

Magnesium Oil Roller (DIY) for Better Sleep

Did you know that you are most likely magnesium deficient? Over 80% of us are, so unless you eat a perfect diet that excludes sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, are not stressed, and haven’t been sick recently, you probably are deficient.

Magnesium actually plays a big role in how soundly you sleep. As if that weren’t enough, being deficient in magnesium, as I already stated that many of us are, can have grave health concerns. If you would like to read more about how magnesium deficiency can contribute to everything from heart problems, to anxiety, to cancer, check out my post Do You Magnesium Deficiency?

Use Magnesium oil to safely increase your magnesium intake

So I have you convinced that you need to pay attention to your magnesium needs, right? How should you do it? Well, taking a magnesium supplement is an option, but it can act like a bit of a colon cleanse and you have to be very careful of which type of magnesium you use. A better way to get your supplemental magnesium Continue reading “Magnesium Oil Roller (DIY) for Better Sleep”

Homemade Essential Oil Roll-ons

Essential Oil Roll-ons (Homemade)

These essential oil roll-ons are some of our favorite tools we have around the house for keeping healthy or recoverving from illness quickly. We also put essential oils in diffusers throughout the house, but the rollers are particularly when handy away from home and our diffusers. Essential oil roll-ons are convenient because the essential oils are already diluted to the appropriate amount with a carrier oil. Some oils are considered “hot” which means you should not apply them directly to the skin without first diluting them. When you have a roller made up, all you have to do is give a light shake and apply whenever they are needed. Continue reading “Essential Oil Roll-ons (Homemade)”