cultured maple butter

Cultured Maple Butter (or Honey Butter)

This cultured maple butter is a snap to make. It has the benefit of healthy fats and probiotics from the grass-fed cultured butter and trace minerals from the organic maple syrup (or probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals from the raw honey if you are making honey butter). Another huge benefit is that less syrup (or honey) get drizzled onto your waffles/pancakes, cornbread, etc. Continue reading “Cultured Maple Butter (or Honey Butter)”

Fermented Jicama Sticks with Grapefruit

Fermented Jicama sticks with Grapefruit: Feed your Microbiome with Deliciousness

Let me tell you about Fermented Jicama Sticks with Grapefruit. First and foremost they are delicious! Second, jicama itself is packed with prebiotics. Prebiotics feed the good bacteria in your gut. They are just as important, if not more, than probiotics that you have heard to much about. Don’t worry though, we get probiotics too when we lacto-ferment the jicama. It is basically heaven for your gut. You can’t say no to that, right? We all want a happy gut! You know I just can’t resist breaking down the nutritional benefits of this recipe for you, so here we go. Continue reading “Fermented Jicama sticks with Grapefruit: Feed your Microbiome with Deliciousness”

Homemade Yogurt

Homemade Yogurt: So Easy and So Much Better For you!

Why make homemade yogurt?

In short, homemade yogurt is better, both for you and in taste! If you have been reading my blog, you know I harp on quality. When you make your own yogurt, you control the quality of the milk, which is the most important part, as well as the quality of the culture (the beneficial bacteria that you are adding to your yogurt). The length of time of the ferment is also up to your discretion. The longer the ferment, the more probiotics that develop. Another important reason to make your own homemade yogurt is that most store-bought yogurt contains fillers and additives! Yuck! Continue reading “Homemade Yogurt: So Easy and So Much Better For you!”

mayo with eggs cuting board

Homemade Mayo: Nutrient-dense and Made in Minutes! (with a lacto-fermented option)

Making homemade mayo requires only a few ingredients and takes just a couple of minutes! The difference between mayo bought in the store and mayo made at home is astounding, both the taste and the nutritional profile. It makes such a difference when you can control the quality of ingredients in your food! Continue reading “Homemade Mayo: Nutrient-dense and Made in Minutes! (with a lacto-fermented option)”

Kombucha flip top bottle and glass

Kombucha: Health Benefits and Doing a Continuous Brew

My first exposure to Kombucha was about four years ago. A neighbor had gotten a scoby (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast also known as a “mother”) from a cafe owner up the street from us. She fell in love with it and wanted to share, so she brought me a scoby complete with a fermenting jar and hand-written instructions on how to brew it. So awesome! I’m sad to say, that the scoby gave me the creeps. I had never heard about Kombucha, so I didn’t know all the amazing health benefits contained in that weird mushroom-looking thing floating on top of the tea. Continue reading “Kombucha: Health Benefits and Doing a Continuous Brew”