Homemade Ranch Dip with a veggie tray

Magnesium-rich Homemade Ranch Dip (or Dressing)

This homemade ranch dip is loaded with magnesium and probiotics as well as other important nutrients. There is no guilt when dipping your veggie (or even your cracker) into this delicious dip! I have written the recipe using dried herbs assuming that unless it is summer you probably won’t have all of them on hand. If you do happen to have them fresh, just use about half of the amount. Fresh herbs have more magnesium and other vitamins and minerals than dried, of course. Before I get to the recipe, let me break down the nutritional highlights of this homemade ranch for you. Continue reading “Magnesium-rich Homemade Ranch Dip (or Dressing)”

mayo with eggs cuting board

Homemade Mayo: Nutrient-dense and Made in Minutes! (with a lacto-fermented option)

Making homemade mayo requires only a few ingredients and takes just a couple of minutes! The difference between mayo bought in the store and mayo made at home is astounding, both the taste and the nutritional profile. It makes such a difference when you can control the quality of ingredients in your food! Continue reading “Homemade Mayo: Nutrient-dense and Made in Minutes! (with a lacto-fermented option)”